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Best Lookout Points When Traveling to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is filled with many attractions and beautiful views. When taking a road trip up the state of Michigan, travelers can stop at many lookout points to view what the nature of Michigan has to offer. Of course it is beautiful any time of year, many prefer to travel during the autumn season because of the beautiful colors. Leaves begin to change colors in the fall, and look out points by the Upper Peninsula provide an assortments of reds, oranges, yellows, browns, and a little bit of green when it comes to the colors of the trees. Here are some of the best spots you can hit up for a beautiful nature experience.

Mt. Arvon

Mt. Arvon is Michigan’s highest point and located in the Huron Mountain Range in the north-central Upper Peninsula. The mountain actually rises over 1300 feet from the shores of Lake Superior. Previously, Mt. Curwood was said to be the highest point, however surveys show in fact Mt. Arvon is taller by just eleven inches. In recent years, there have been many improvements made for people who wish to reach the highest point of Mt. Arvon, including blue signs to help guide hikers in the right direction. Even though the road up to Mt. Arvon is very steep and rocky, it can be reach by vehicle. Once you do reach the top, you can take a look out and see the entire openness of the state. The views are absolutely breathtaking, which you do not want to miss if you are traveling to the Upper Peninsula. For further information and directions, click here.

Bridge View Park

This location in St. Ignace, Michigan is exactly as it sounds. A look out park to view the most famous Mackinac Bridge. The park was actually created by the Mackinac Bridge Authority in order to accommodate guests who want a dramatic view up the bridge. Telescopes are set up to provide guests with a close up, detailed view of the bridge. This is a great lookout spot for those who will not actually make the trip over the bridge. The Mackinac Bridge is currently the fifth longest suspension bridge in the entire world. It spans the Straits of Mackinac to connect the Upper and Lower Peninsula of Michigan. More information can be obtained by the Mackinac Bridge Authority.

Pigeon River Country State Forest

If you are traveling from the south to the Upper Peninsula in the early months of September, a great point to stop at is the Pigeon River County Elk Range. This is home to one of the largest free- roaming elk herds east of the Mississippi. Located in a 100,000 acre state forest, the Department of Natural Resources maintains the elk habitat through wildlife management. Although elk inhibit this site year round, September is the best month because the males are trying establish dominance over the females, making them very active. Elk are active during the daytime, and are best viewable from inside a car. These elk are accustomed to seeing motor vehicles, but are not to be approached due to their large size and timid nature. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has more information about visiting this great nature animal lookout point.

Topinabee Rest Area 407

Now I bet you are thinking, a rest area as a lookout point? Well this rest area not only allows travelers the chance to use the bathroom and stretch out their legs. It also provides travelers on their way to the Upper Peninsula a great scenic overlook from an observation deck. The rest stop is located at mile marker 317, on highway 1-75 North Bound, in Cheboygan county. This area provides a great spot for travelers to get a great view above the highway, expanding across the area. It is especially beautiful in mid- fall, once the leaves transition in color. The observation deck provides a safe spot for adults and children to take photographs before they continue their travels to the Upper Peninsula. You can learn more about this scenic rest area and their additional accommodations at the State of Michigan website.

There are so many wonderful sights to behold throughout the nation, and Northern Michigan provides travelers with some of the best. These lookout points allow travelers the chance to really get in touch with nature and provide a relaxing feeling most people are looking for when they take a vacation. Several other locations on the way to the Upper Peninsula, and located in the Upper Peninsula really give travelers a look into what the state of Michigan has to offer. If you live in a surrounding state, a road trip to the Upper Peninsula can be a great travel destination for you!