Arthur M. Sackler Museum – Busch-Reisinger Museum – The Fogg Art Museum

Arthur M. Sackler Museum

The Arthur M. Sackler Museum houses superb collections of ancient, Islamic, Asian, and later Indian art. (This excerpt provided by Arthur M. Sackler Museum)

Busch-Reisinger Museum

The Busch-Reisinger Museum is the only museum in America devoted to promoting the informed enjoyment and critical understanding of the arts of Central and Northern Europe, with a special emphasis on the German-speaking countries. (This excerpt provided by Busch-Reisinger Museum)

Busch-Reisinger Museum

The Fogg Art Museum, which opened to the public in 1895, is Harvard’s oldest art museum. (This excerpt provided by The Fogg Art Museum)

Kittery Outlets – Isles of Shoals Steamship Company

Kittery Outlets

“Whether you are here just to shop or are visiting us on vacation, the Kittery Outlets offer over one mile of famous name outlet stores filled with great savings every time you shop. Discover the Kittery Outlets and you’ll see why we are called America’s Maine street for Shopping.” (This excerpt provided by Kittery Outlets)

Isles of Shoals Steamship Company

“We’re proud of our 20 years of providing guests and local residences with “Something for Everyone”. Glide past our quaint Olde Port waterfront to the little known but historically crucial, legendary Isles of Shoals or cruise inland for a spectacular sunset over the Great Bay Wilderness Area.” (This excerpt provided by Isles of Shoals Steamship Company)

Fitchburg Art Museum – Boulder Art Gallery

Fitchburg Art Museum

“Fitchburg Art Museum is North Worcester County’s oldest and most treasured cultural institution, founded in 1925 through a bequest of artist and educator, Eleanor Norcross. Fourteen galleries house a diverse collection of American and European paintings, prints, drawings, ceramics and decorative arts as well as Greek, Roman, Asian and pre-Columbian antiquities.” (This excerpt provided by Fitchburg Art Museum)

Boulder Art Gallery

“The Boulder Art Gallery, located in Fitchburg’s historic Upper Common, features original art, vintage listed art, photography, prints and sculpture. Discover our beautiful gallery, and view one of the areas most exciting venues for period and contemporary art.” (This excerpt provided by Boulder Art Gallery)

Putnam Cottage – Bruce Musem of Arts & Science

Putnam Cottage

” This bright red house on the Boston Post Road has had a long and colorful history. It is not a static object from the 18th century, but a dynamic building that reflects the whole period of its existence.” (This excerpt provided by Putnam Cottage)

Bruce Musem of Arts & Science

“The Bruce Museum promotes the understanding and appreciation of Art and Science to enrich the lives of all people.” (This excerpt provided by Bruce Musem of Arts & Science)