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Perry, Maine
Tides Institute & Museum of Art image
(Range: 6 miles)
Located directly on the U.S./Canada border between New England and the Atlantic Provinces, the Tides Institute & Museum of Art weaves together a range of regional and international interests, resources, and initiatives to build critical mass, synergy and connectedness that contribute to the region's cultural and economic well being and links to the broader world. (Curated content from
West Quoddy Head Lighthouse image
(Range: 12 miles)
Originally built in 1808, by order of President Thomas Jefferson, the original wooden tower was replaced by the current tower which became operational in 1858. The red and white tower is the only "candy striped" tower in the United States. The Tower is 49 feet tall, with a 16 foot diameter base. The center of the lantern stands 83 feet above sea level.  (Curated content from
Burnham Tavern Museum image
(Range: 26 miles)
One of 21 homes in the United States designated as most significant to the American Revolution. (Curated content from
Jasper Beach image
(Range: 29 miles)
Jasper Beach is located in Howard Cove, Machiasport, just west of Machias Bay. It is dominantly a gravel beach. Bedrock frames Howard Cove making Jasper a pocket beach. It is also a barrier split that originates at an eroding bluff of glacial material on the west and terminates at a tidal inlet on the east. In addition the beach is cracked by fresh and saltwater lagoons, and a salt marsh. (Curated content from
Catherine Hill Winery image
(Range: 51 miles)
Seeking to carry on the quality traditions set by Sue and Eric, we now find ourselves in the wonderfully unique position of running and owning a well established winery. It is our every intent to maintain the character and essence of Catherine Hill wines, with the possibility of some new additions in the future. For now, we are content to learn, craft, and expand our knowledge as well as add our own blood, sweat, and tears to the legacy of Catherine Hill Winery. (Curated content from
Schoodic Peninsula image
(Range: 64 miles)
The Schoodic Peninsula is the only part of Acadia National Park found on the mainland. It boasts granite headlands that bear erosional scars of storm waves and flood tides. Although similar in scenic splendor to portions of Mount Desert Island, the Schoodic Peninsula is a more secluded area. It is intentionally managed by Acadia National Park as a minimally-developed, low-visitation area. It is about an hour drive from the Hulls Cove Visitor Center on Mount Desert Island. (Curated content from