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Blue Hill, Maine
Woodlawn Museum

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Located in Ellsworth, ME (11 miles from Blue Hill)

Woodlawn sits on the crest of a hill overlooking the city of Ellsworth and surrounded by majestic pine, spruce, and hemlock trees. Visitors may tour the museum and see an original family collection and learn about the Col. John Black family.

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Scenic Biplane & Glider Rides

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Located in Ellsworth, ME (11 miles from Blue Hill)

ACADIA IS NO ORDINARY PLACE, SO WHY SETTLE FOR AN ORDINARY AIRPLANE RIDE? SCENIC BIPLANE & GLIDER RIDES offers you a choice of two unique aviation experiences sure to please everyone. Whether you choose the romance and adventure of our two passenger Open Cockpit BIPLANE -or- the shear exhilaration of silent, effortless flight in our two passenger GLIDER, you are sure to transform an ordinary day into an Experience of a Lifetime.

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The Atlantic Brewing Company

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Located in Bar Harbor, ME (12 miles from Blue Hill)

As Bar Harbor's premier microbrewery we hope to allow visitors to Maine to experience as a memorable Bar Harbor activity their first intimate view of the brewery process. Maine has a fine heritage of microbreweries of various styles and Bar Harbor is not without its share.

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Bar Harbor Cellars

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Located in Bar Harbor, ME (14 miles from Blue Hill)

Established in 2003, Bar Harbor Cellars has a multi-year commitment to produce local wines. Our wines are produced from a variety of grapes grown in small co-ops throughout Europe and North America.

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The Telephone Museum

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Located in Ellsworth, ME (14 miles from Blue Hill)

A big gray barn on a country road in Maine houses an unusual display of communications technology. At The Telephone Museum, the history of the telephone network from Alexander Graham Bell's patent in 1876, through the era of switchboard operators and early dial telephones, to the more complex electro-mechanical switching systems that preceeded digital technology, is represented in hands-on exhibits intended to show the ingenuity and craftsmanship of thousands of telephone workers, innovators and entrepreneurs over more than 100 years.

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Fort Knox

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Located in Prospect, ME (14 miles from Blue Hill)

Located on the west bank of the Penobscot River in Prospect, Maine, in an area known as the Penobscot Narrows, Fort Knox is one of the best preserved fortifications on the New England seacoast. The Fort has many architectural features present only to itself, as well as a rich history behind it's cannon batteries.

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Pirates Cove Bar Harbor

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Located in Bar Harbor, ME (15 miles from Blue Hill)

A TRUE LANDMARK IN BAR HARBOR! Enter the world of 18th century pirates-- carousing buccaneers, an authentic, full-scale pirate ship, cascading waterfalls and lavish landscaping. Putt your way through mountain caves, over footbridges and under magical waterfalls!

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