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Encore Boston Harbor

Located in Revere, MA (1 mile from Chelsea)

The casino at Encore Boston Harbor brings glamour on a grand scale to the Mystic riverfront. Enter the main floor—open and airy, colorful and vibrant, with 40-foot ceilings, Red Rubino glass chandeliers, and a dazzling array of classic and state-of-the-art slot machines for every player, at every level. Move upstairs to our elegant terrace level for table games, poker tables, private gambling salons, high-limit gaming rooms, and a spectacular view of the action below. At every turn, welcoming dealers and hosts are dedicated to making your visit easy and enjoyable. It all adds up to an exciting, memorable five-star experience unlike anywhere else in Boston.

(This excerpt provided by Encore Boston Harbor representatives)

Boston National Historical Park

Located in Boston, MA (1 mile from Chelsea)

Discover how one city could be the Cradle of Liberty, site of the first major battle of American Revolution, and home to many who espoused that freedom can be extended to all.

(This excerpt provided by Boston National Historical Park representatives)

Historic Park
Old South Meeting House

Located in Boston, MA (1 mile from Chelsea)

When the Old South Meeting House was built in 1729, its Puritan congregation could not foresee the role it would play in American history. In colonial times, statesman Benjamin Franklin was baptized here. Phillis Wheatley, the first published black poet, was a member, as were patriots James Otis, Thomas Cushing, and William Dawes. When rumblings started to shake the colonies and the Revolution grew imminent, patriots flocked to Old South to debate the most pressing issues of the day. They argued about the Boston Massacre, and they protested impressment of American sailors into the British Navy. And then, on the night of December 16, 1773, they acted. Some 5,000 angry colonists gathered at Old South to protest a tax on tea. When the negotiations failed, disguised men took action and destroyed over 1.5 million dollars worth of tea in today's money.

(This excerpt provided by Old South Meeting House representatives)

Historic Tour
Bunker Hill Monument

Located in Boston, MA (1 mile from Chelsea)

Fifty years after the battle, the Marquis De Lafayette set the cornerstone of what would become a lasting monument and tribute to the memory of the Battle of Bunker Hill. The project was ambitious: construct a 221-foot tall obelisk built entirely from quarried granite. It took over seventeen years to complete, but it still stands to this day atop a prominence of the battlefield now known as Breed's Hill. Marking the site where Provincial forces constructed an earthen fort, or "Redoubt," prior to the battle, this site remains the focal point of the battle's memory.

(This excerpt provided by Bunker Hill Monument representatives)

Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire

Located in Boston, MA (2 miles from Chelsea)

The Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire promotes awareness and appreciation of African American history and life in order to build more inclusive communities today. Building on our success with the Portsmouth Black Heritage Trail, the new Black Heritage Trail will connect the stories of New Hampshire’s African heritage by documenting and marking visible many of the historic sites that testify to this rich history.

(This excerpt provided by Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire representatives)

Boston Childrens Museum

Located in Boston, MA (2 miles from Chelsea)

Today, after 90 years, the Boston Children's Museum exists to help children understand and enjoy the world in which they live. As an early museum experience for children, our environment is informal, but our purpose is serious.

(This excerpt provided by Boston Childrens Museum representatives)

Museum Family Attraction
Boston Harbor Cruises

Located in Boston, MA (2 miles from Chelsea)

Since 1926, Boston Harbor Cruises (BHC) has been the premier ticket to ride on Boston Harbor. Today New England's oldest and largest cruise company, BHC has built a legacy around commitment, dedication, safety and courtesy to our patrons...

(This excerpt provided by Boston Harbor Cruises representatives)

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