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Located amid 40 acres of beautiful woodlands, the Roger Williams Park Zoo provides visitors the opportunity to see animals from all over the globe – some more than a million years old. Naturalistic surroundings are home to more than 160 species of animals including a Komodo dragon, as well as zebras, red pandas, African elephants, Masai giraffes, snow leopards, bears, anteaters, flamingoes, sloths, and more! Kids from two to 102 have the opportunity to feed giraffes, as well as an array of farmyard animals. For something slightly out of the ordinary, visit our new Explore and Soar area offering an exhilarating zip ride and a train excursion through the woodlands. (This excerpt taken from the Roger Williams Park Zoo website)
The Botanical Center at Roger Williams Park is the largest public indoor display gardens in New England, encompassing approximately 12,000 square feet of indoor gardens. (This excerpt taken from the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center website)
The Museum of Natural History is Rhode Island’s only natural history museum and is home to the state’s only public planetarium. For more than a century the museum has served as a unique educational, scientific and cultural resource by offering exciting exhibits and programming that provide ways for children and families to learn about our world and its people. (This excerpt taken from the Museum of Natural History and Planetarium website)
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Cranston, RI
(range: 1 mile)
The original house was built by William Sprague in 1790 and remained the family homestead for four generations.  At first, farming was their primary interest.  However, in 1808 after machinery for spinning cotton was invented, the Sprague converted a small grist mill on the nearby Pocasset River into one of the first cotton mills in New England.  This was the beginning of the “Sprague Empire” which later spread throughout the Pawtuxet River valley. (This excerpt taken from the Governor Sprague Mansion website)
As an extension of JWU Library, the Culinary Arts Museum on the Harborside Campus stores and exhibits thousands of historic artifacts associated with the fields of culinary arts, food studies and hospitality. Through its online catalog, students and researchers can access digitized images of museum collection objects and identify book, journal and artifact holdings. (This excerpt taken from the Culinary Archives and Museum At Johnson and Wales University website)
Whose hands built the landscape we see around us? What was life like for women, children, and men of diverse stations? What peoples and ideas thrived here, and to what far-flung corners of the world did they venture to seek their fortunes? How did Rhode Islanders grapple with slavery, when freedom and independence were on everyone’s minds and pens? Indulge your curiosity and explore Rhode Island’s history at the John Brown House Museum! (This excerpt taken from the John Brown House Museum website)
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Providence, RI
(range: 3 miles)
Our collection currently contains more than 100,000 works of art and design dating from ancient times to today including paintings, sculpture, decorative arts, costume and textiles, and furniture from all over the world. Of these objects, 2,444 of them are on view in the Museum now, 81,666 of them are available online, and there are 4,122 recent acquisitions. (This excerpt taken from the The RISD Museum website)
Rhode Island's State House was built between 1895 and 1904. It has 327,000 cubic feet of white Georgia marble, 15,000,000 bricks, and 1,309 tons of iron floor beams. At night, the building glows beautifully from 109 floodlights, which help to make it visible to neighboring cities and towns. (This excerpt taken from the Rhode Island State House website)
The David Winton Bell Gallery is Brown's contemporary art gallery and home to an important part of the University's permanent art collection. Founded in 1971, the Gallery hosts four to five major exhibitions per year, each with associated programming including lectures, performances, and symposia. Broadly concerned with the exhibition of exemplary work by artists living today, the Gallery takes pride in showing artwork of diverse media and content and makes special efforts to support and show the work of emerging or under-recognized practitioners locally, nationally and internationally. (This excerpt taken from the David Winton Bell Gallery website)
There’s magic in a building watched over by a dragon. Located in one of the country’s oldest cities with an international reputation for world class design and education, Providence Children’s Museum (PCM) inspires lifelong learning through play, exploration, and creativity for each and every visitor.  (This excerpt taken from the Providence Children's Museum website)
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