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Durham, New Hampshire
UNH Museum of Art

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Located in Durham, NH

The Museum of Art cares for a permanent collection of 1,700 works of art, including paintings, drawings, prints, photography, ceramics, and sculpture. The collection emphasizes nineteenth- and twentieth-century prints and drawings and includes nearly two hundred Japanese woodblock prints. Annual exhibitions feature works from the permanent collection.

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Woodman Museum

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Located in Dover, NH (4 miles from Durham)

The Woodman is a true turn of the century natural history, local history and art museum that has been around since 1916. Four historic buildings that includes an original 1675 colonial garrison house furnished with period artifacts, the Senator John P. Hale home built in 1813, displays furniture, paintings, fire & police memorabilia, nautical instruments and model ships, a Cocheco Mill exhibit, antique powder horns, tools, toys, dolls, musical instruments, pewter and china.

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Museum Historic
Pontine Theatre

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Located in Portsmouth, NH (8 miles from Durham)

Pontine Theatre has been a ground-breaking force in the blossoming of actor-based theatre, creating work that is engaging, innovative and original. Pontine's work is founded on the concept that the actor should function as a creative (rather than interpretive) artist, and that the name actor dictates action (movement) as their primary tool.

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Theatre Performing Arts
USS Albacore

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Located in Portsmouth, NH (8 miles from Durham)

The USS Albacore is a research submarine, designed by the U.S. Navy to test experimental features used in modern submarines. The Navy tested top-secret features that led to the high-speed silent operation used on modern U.S. submarines. Today Albacore has been preserved and opened to the public

Every visitor can go inside and explore this remarkable submarine. You'll be able to look through the periscope, explore the control room, engineering spaces, and bunkrooms, and hear crewmembers tell of things that happened when they were at sea.

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Adventure Museum
Isles of Shoals Steamship Company

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Located in Portsmouth, NH (8 miles from Durham)

We're proud of our 20 years of providing guests and local residences with 'Something for Everyone'. Glide past our quaint Olde Port waterfront to the little known but historically crucial, legendary Isles of Shoals or cruise inland for a spectacular sunset over the Great Bay Wilderness Area.

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Jackson House

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Located in Portsmouth, NH (8 miles from Durham)

Jackson House is the oldest surviving wood-frame house in New Hampshire. The house was built by Richard Jackson, a woodworker, farmer, and mariner, on his family's twenty-five-acre plot.

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Albacore Park

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Located in Portsmouth, NH (8 miles from Durham)

Albacore provides a unique opportunity to see where a crew of 55 worked and lived. You will see some of the unusual features of this prototype submarine and hear some of the experiences of her crew.

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