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Grand Isle, Maine

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Nylander Museum image
Caribou, ME
(range: 31 miles)
Located in Caribou, Maine, the Nylander Museum of Natural History was dedicated in 1939 by Maine Governor Lewis Barrows. The museum was built as a WPA project. The museum’s construction was jointly funded by federal, state, and municipal governments. (This excerpt taken from the Nylander Museum website)
Big Rock Ski Area image
Mars Hill, ME
(range: 55 miles)
Bigrock has taken many steps to make our facility the ultimate place for individuals and families to learn how to ski. Extensive brush clearing, trail reconditioning and cutting, improved snowmaking capabilities, reconditioned and new lifts, as well as new grooming equipment have made the slopes more enjoyable for all skill levels. Cross-country skiing and snowshoe trails -- as well as a snow-tube park -- add variety to everyone's winter sports experience.  (This excerpt taken from the Big Rock Ski Area website)
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