6 Attractions & Things To Do Nearby
Linneus, Maine
Patten Lumbermens Museum

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Located in Patten, ME (25 miles from Linneus)

The Patten Lumbermen's Museum was established to document Maine Logging History, by preserving the logging heritage and accomplishments of early inhabitants of the state of Maine. Exihibits at the museum include some of Maine's most notable contributions to the early mechanization of logging, including the Lombard Steam Hauler, Lombard Gas Hauler, and the Peavey Cant Dog.

(This excerpt provided by Patten Lumbermens Museum representatives)

Katahdin Woods and Waters

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Located in Stacyville, ME (32 miles from Linneus)

Spread across a wild landscape offering spectacular views of Mount Katahdin, Katahdin Woods and Waters invites discovery of its rivers, streams, woods, flora, fauna, geology, and the night skies that have attracted humans for millennia.

(This excerpt provided by Katahdin Woods and Waters representatives)

Hiking Nature X-Country Skiing
Big Rock Ski Area

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Located in Mars Hill, ME (34 miles from Linneus)

Welcome to Big Rock, a big mountain experience with a small town feel; perfect for family fun.

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Downhill Skiing
Baxter State Park

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Located in Millinocket, ME (43 miles from Linneus)

Percival P. Baxter was governor of Maine during the years of 1921-1924. He enjoyed fishing and vacationing in the Maine woods throughout childhood and his affection for the land and Maine’s wildlife were instrumental in his creation of a park for people of the State of Maine. He began to fulfill his dream of a park in the year 1930, with the purchase of almost 6,000 acres of land, including Katahdin, Maine’s highest peak. In 1931, Baxter formally donated the parcel to the State of Maine with the condition that it be kept forever wild. Over the years, Governor Baxter purchased additional lands and pieced his park together, transaction by transaction. He made his final purchase in 1962 (download map). Since then,additional purchases and land gifts have increased the Park’s total size to 209,644 acres.

(This excerpt provided by Baxter State Park representatives)

Hiking Nature Park
Nylander Museum

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Located in Caribou, ME (56 miles from Linneus)

The museum was originally designed to house the collections of Olof O. Nylander, a self-taught naturalist from Oremolla, Skifvarps, Sweden. Today the Nylander Museum houses the original Nylander collection and additional specimens and objects that have been donated, or are on loan to the museum.

(This excerpt provided by Nylander Museum representatives)

The St. Croix Country Club

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Located in Calais, ME (68 miles from Linneus)

Since 1927 golfers from the United States and Canada have enjoyed our picturesque nine hole course situated on the banks of the St. Croix River in Calais, Maine. The well-maintained greens and wide fairways offer both the experienced golfer and the beginner an enjoyable day of golf.

(This excerpt provided by The St. Croix Country Club representatives)


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