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Litchfield, Connecticut
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Located in Litchfield, CT
"Tapping Reeve House & Litchfield Law School takes visitors on a journey through the life of a real student from the early 19th century. Through role-playing, hands-on areas, and interpretive exhibits, each visitor explores timeless issues of travel, communication, education, and community."
(This excerpt taken from Tapping Reeve House & Litchfield Law School website)
Located in Litchfield, CT
"The Litchfield History Museum invites visitors to explore the evolution of a small New England town. Furniture, historic clothing, household objects and paintings reveal Litchfield's history from its earliest European settlement to the present day. The museum's seven galleries highlight family life and work during the fifty years after the American Revolution, a time when Litchcfield was a bustling commercial, political, and educational center."
(This excerpt taken from Litchfield History Museum website)
Located in Litchfield, CT
"The White Memorial Conservation Center, an Environmental Education Center and Nature Museum, is located in the heart of the 4000-acre White Memorial Foundation in the hills of northwestern Connecticut."
(This excerpt taken from White Memorial Conservation Center website)
Located in Litchfield, CT
"It is the intension of Haight-Brown Vineyard to produce wines which suit the desires of that broad sector of wine drinkers, new and old, who respond to tastes that they instinctively enjoy and prices which provides obvious market value."
(This excerpt taken from Haight-Brown Vineyard website)
Located in Harwinton, CT
5 miles from Litchfield
"Encompassing one hundred and seventy acres of land in Northwest Connecticut now sits one of the states most picturesque and playable public golf courses. Please come by and experience the charm and beauty of what Southern New England golf should be and is here in Harwinton, Connecticut at Fairview Farm Golf Course."
(This excerpt taken from Fairview Farm Golf Course website)
Located in Litchfield, CT
"Go swimming and have a picnic at Mount Tom, then hike the trail to the stone lookout tower for some memorable views."
(This excerpt taken from Mount Tom State Park website)
Located in Torrington, CT
5 miles from Litchfield
"The Warner Stage Company, comprised of hundreds of gifted artisans, has helped to spread the magic of live theatre to tens of thousands of residents throughout our region and beyond."
(This excerpt taken from Warner Theatre website)
Located in Thomaston, CT
7 miles from Litchfield
"Built in 1884, the Thomaston Opera House serves as a cultural and educational center for the Town of Thomaston and its surrounding communities. Many of its recent accolades are for the community and regional-based theatre presented throughout the year. Our Main Stage, Arts Center and Children's Series shows are often performed to sold out audiences and provide a level of entertainment in community theatre that is unsurpassed in the area."
(This excerpt taken from Thomaston Opera House website)
Located in Thomaston, CT
8 miles from Litchfield
"Black Rock offers excellent swimming, hiking, scenic views, and Indian legend all tucked into the scenic rolling hills of the Western Highlands."
(This excerpt taken from Black Rock State Park website)
Located in Watertown, CT
8 miles from Litchfield
"Located in beautiful Litchfield County, Crestbrook Park is a 236 acre facility and is Connecticut's third highest ranked municipal golf course (per Golf Digest, 1998)."
(This excerpt taken from Crestbrook Park Golf Course website)
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