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New Castle, New Hampshire
Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

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Located in Portsmouth, NH (< 1 mile from New Castle)

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse (also known as Fort Point Lighthouse, New Castle Lighthouse and Fort Constitution Lighthouse) was first established in June 1771, making it the first light station north of Boston in the American colonies. Today's 48-foot tower was built in 1878.

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Fort Stark Historic Site

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Located in New Castle, NH

Fort Stark Historic Site is located on a peninsula historically called Jerry's Point on the southeast corner of New Castle Island. It overlooks the Piscataqua River, Little Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean. Fort Stark was named in honor of John Stark, commander of N.H. forces at the Battle of Bennington (1777). An unmarked walking trail traverses the ten-acre fort site.

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Historic Park Hiking
Children's Museum of Portsmouth

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Located in Portsmouth, NH (1 mile from New Castle)

The Children's Museum of Portsmouth is a hands-on arts and sciences museum for children of all ages offering engaging exhibits, daily art and science activities, family programs and workshops.

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Seafari Charters

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Located in Kittery, ME (1 mile from New Castle)

When you charter Seafari, we'll provide you with a memorable day of Deep Sea Fishing, Scuba Diving, Whale Watching or just relaxing aboard while cruising the river or coast. Private charters aboard Seafari are available from April 1st until the end of November for 1 to 20 people, depending on the type of trip.

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Fishing Boating
Warner House

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Located in Portsmouth, NH (1 mile from New Castle)

Explore one of 18th-century Portsmouth's influential families room by room. Built c.1716 for ambitious immigrant Capt. Archibald Macpheadris, the Warner House is one of the oldest urban brick residences in New England, boasting rich architectural features of early-Georgian style, including old growth-wood paneling and fine moldings.

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Strawbery Banke Museum

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Located in Portsmouth, NH (1 mile from New Castle)

Strawbery Banke Museum, in the heart of historic downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is an authentic 10-acre outdoor history museum dedicated to bringing 300* years of American history to life.

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Museum Historic
Prescott Park

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Located in Portsmouth, NH (1 mile from New Castle)

Prescott Park was created and has been maintained by the terms of the last will and testament of Josie F. Prescott, a life long resident of the City of Portsmouth. It was her wish that a public park, free and accessible to all, be established along the Portsmouth waterfront replacing what had become a run down industrial area of Portsmouth.

The land to be acquired was designated to be along the Piscataqua River between lower State Street and Pickering Street. Once acquired the land was to be given to the City for the use as a public park. The remainder of the funds, first in a private trust and later in a public trust, have been dedicated to the purpose of preserving and caring for the park in perpetuity.

(This excerpt provided by Prescott Park representatives)

Gardens Park

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