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Orford, New Hampshire
Dartmouth Skiway

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Located in Lyme Center, NH (8 miles from Orford)

Dartmouth Skiway offers big-mountain challenges in a family-friendly setting with more than 100 skiable acres spread over two mountains and enough terrain variety to thrill any ski or snowboarding enthusiast.

(This excerpt provided by Dartmouth Skiway representatives)

Downhill Skiing
Polar Caves

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Located in Rumney, NH (15 miles from Orford)

Polar Caves is home to nine granite caves you can duck, squeeze and shimmy through! What's the difference between granite and limestone? Granite is an igneous rock, formed from solidified lava or magma whereas Limestone is sedimentary, formed from layers of minerals that solidify and accumulate over time. Our caves inspire wonder and excitement for visitors of all ages and you'll have fun learning cool facts along the way.

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Hood Museum of Art

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Located in Hanover, NH (15 miles from Orford)

The purpose of the Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth College is to inspire, educate, and collaborate with our academic and broader communities about creativity and imagination through a direct engagement with works of art of historic and cultural significance by making effective use of our collections and staff.

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Montshire Museum of Science

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Located in Norwich, VT (15 miles from Orford)

The Montshire Museum of Science is a hands-on museum located in Norwich, Vermont, offering dozens of exciting exhibits relating to the natural and physical sciences, ecology, and technology.

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Museum Family Attraction
Cardigan Mountain State Park

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Located in Orange, NH (18 miles from Orford)

Cardigan Mountain State Park spans 5,655 acres and is an excellent area for hiking. A mountain road leads to trails on the west slope of Mount Cardigan as well as a trail to the summit. Mount Cardigan's 3,121-foot treeless granite summit affords outstanding views of west central New Hampshire, with a panorama that includes Mount Monadnock and the White Mountains, Camel's Hump in Vermont, and Pleasant Mountain in Maine.

(This excerpt provided by Cardigan Mountain State Park representatives)

Hiking Nature
Enfield Shaker Museum

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Located in Enfield, NH (19 miles from Orford)

Nestled in a valley between Mt. Assurance and Mascoma Lake, in Enfield, New Hampshire, the Enfield Shaker site has been cherished for over 200 years. At its peak in the mid 19th century, the community was home to three Families of Shakers. They practiced equality of the sexes and races, celibacy, pacifism and communal ownership of property.

(This excerpt provided by Enfield Shaker Museum representatives)

White River Flyer

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Located in White River Junction, VT (19 miles from Orford)

The White River Flyer is operated by the Green Mountain Railroad and runs between White River Jct. and Norwich, VT with many special excursion trains throughout the summer. Charter trains are run from Lyndonville, VT.

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