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Located in Portland, ME
"It is impossible to overestimate the historical significance of the waterfront in the development of Portland. It is where the city began and was the primary engine of its growth and economy for three centuries afterward. The Waterfront Historic District is one of the few intact east coast historic waterfronts and today looks substantially the same as it did in the period 1850 to 1875. Visually as well as historically this area forms a coherent and comprehensible whole."
(This excerpt taken from Old Port website)
Located in Portland, ME
"Peaks Island is a place where people live and work year-round. You are welcome to visit and enjoy the island, but keep in mind that it is the full-time home for almost 1000 people and has an additional 2,000 summer residents. The island became a popular vacation destination in the late 19th century, when it was known as the Coney Island of Maine and home to many hotels, cottages, theaters, and amusement parks. Those days are long gone! Today, it is just like any other neighborhood in the city of Portland—if a little bit harder to get to."
(This excerpt taken from Peaks Island website)
Located in Portland, ME
"The Museum & Theatre is a welcoming and valuable community asset, offering a diverse array of educational opportunities specifically developed for children and their families, caregivers, and educators. The Museum & Theatre provides families with unique opportunities to play and learn together. In addition to offering one-of-a-kind, hands-on exhibits, the Museum & Theatre leads daily educational activities for all ages and produces fully-staged theater productions featuring youth actors."
(This excerpt taken from Children's Museum & Theatre of Maine website)
Located in Portland, ME
"Located in the Arts District of downtown Portland, the Children's Museum of Maine features a wide variety of interactive exhibits and activities for children and families!"
(This excerpt taken from Childrens Museum of Maine website)
Located in Portland, ME
"As you twist and turn through the Old Port aboard Maine’s famous, modern land and sea vehicle, or 'Duck', we’ll tell you about the legends and lore that have shaped Portland into one of the most historical cities in the nation."
(This excerpt taken from Maine Duck Tours website)
Located in Portland, ME
"Eagle Island Tours offers you the opportunity to see all the beautiful sites the area has to offer on our seasonal daily sightseeing cruises and trolley tours."
(This excerpt taken from Eagle Island Tours website)
Located in Portland, ME
"The MHS Museum features changing exhibitions and programs spanning more than five centuries of Maine life. Drawing from the extensive collections of the Maine Historical Society, original exhibits feature art, artifacts, and documents that vividly bring Maine history to life."
(This excerpt taken from Maine Historical Society Museum website)
Located in Portland, ME
"Enjoy magnificent views of Portland's waterfront aboard antique rail cars pulled by hard-working steam and diesel locomotives. Discover the unique two-foot gauge trains that linked rural Maine to the rest of the world."
(This excerpt taken from Maine Narrow Gauge Railroad Co. & Museum website)
Located in Portland, ME
"As the largest art museum in the state of Maine, the Portland Museum of Art serves as a vital cultural resource for all who visit. The Museum's collection of more than 17,000 objects is housed in a complex of historic and remarkable buildings showcasing three centuries of art and architecture. With our constantly changing exhibitions and permanent collection, a diverse selection of fine and decorative art is always on view."
(This excerpt taken from Portland Museum of Art website)
Located in Portland, ME
"The Portland Observatory (1807) is the only extant maritime signal station in the United States, and thus a unique architectural icon of maritime shipping and the Golden Age of Sail. The Portland Observatory was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972, and became a National Historic Landmark in 2006."
(This excerpt taken from Portland Observatory website)
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