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Pownal, Maine
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Located in Pownal, ME
"Bradbury Mountain State Park is a wonderful place to spend a day or afternoon exploring trails, taking in the magnificent view from the summit, or enjoying a picnic under a canopy of trees. Situated on Route 9 about halfway between Portland and Lewiston-Auburn, the park attracts visitors who enjoy picnicking, hiking and camping on its 800 acres of forested land. Bradbury Mountain is the only state park in southern Maine to offer shared-use trails for horseback riders, mountain bikers and snowmobilers."
(This excerpt taken from Bradbury Mountain State Park website)
Located in Pownal, ME
"When you arrive at the Observatory for your two hour guided tour, the dome will already be open, and the telescope ready for use. The first hour will be spent using the telescope and your eyes to peer up at the constellations, planets, the moon, and famous objects like the Orion Nebula, the Andromeda Galaxy, and a host of other objects."
(This excerpt taken from Blueberry Pond Observatory website)
Located in Freeport, ME
3 miles from Pownal
"Visitors find it difficult to imagine among the rolling hills and rambling brooks at the end of Desert Rd. there is a Desert. Once you take your first step through the gift shop's front door, however, your doubts will vanish as you enter the vast and sandy DESERT of MAINE."
(This excerpt taken from Desert of Maine website)
Located in New Gloucester, ME
3 miles from Pownal
"Located in the rolling hills of New Gloucester, Maine, PINELAND FARMS is a 5,000-acre working farm, diverse business campus and educational and recreational venue that welcomes visitors to enjoy its beautiful rural landscape. Pineland Farms’ mission is to provide a productive and educational venue that enriches the community by demonstrating responsible farming techniques, offering educational opportunities and encouraging a healthy lifestyle through recreation. We invite you to explore our website and visit the farm to take part in our wide variety of activities and events."
(This excerpt taken from Pineland Farms website)
Located in Freeport, ME
7 miles from Pownal
"Wolfe's Neck Woods State Park is a five minute drive from the center of Freeport's bustling shopping district, and as visitors approach the park, marshes and open fields provide a tranquil transformation back to nature. In 1969, this area of more than 200 acres was given to the State by Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence M.C. Smith of Freeport. The park contains varied ecosystems, including climax white pine and hemlock forests, a salt marsh estuary, and the rocky shorelines on Casco Bays and the Harraseeket River."
(This excerpt taken from Wolfe's Neck Woods State Park website)
Located in Auburn, ME
9 miles from Pownal
"New England's premier championship golf course features a gentle blend of rolling hills, lined with native fescue, babbling brooks, century old stone walls and stone bridges with an island green. Our links course is situated on over 200 acres of rolling country side in south Auburn, Maine and is designed to take advantage of the natural lay of the land which will demand every shot in your bag."
(This excerpt taken from Fox Ridge Golf Club website)
Located in Brunswick, ME
9 miles from Pownal
"Golf in Maine has never been better than at the Brunswick Golf Club. Ideally located along the picturesque Midcoast region of Maine, Brunswick is the home of Bowdoin College once attended by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and US President Franklin Pierce."
(This excerpt taken from Brunswick Golf Club website)
Located in Brunswick, ME
11 miles from Pownal
"The collections of the Bowdoin College Museum of Art range from the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world to artwork created in the first years of the 21st century."
(This excerpt taken from Bowdoin College Museum of Art website)
Located in Falmouth, ME
11 miles from Pownal
"Maine State Ballet's mission is to enrich the Maine community through education, outreach and expanded enjoyment of dance and the performing arts."
(This excerpt taken from Maine State Ballet website)
Located in Lewiston, ME
13 miles from Pownal
"Every traveler knows that the best way to discover a great place is to travel off the beaten path, and listen to the locals. So, this season, point your car towards Lewiston and discover a theatre the Portland Phoenix Readers' Poll voted Best Theatre Company in Maine four times."
(This excerpt taken from The Public Theatre website)
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