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Shaftsbury, Vermont
Bennington Museum

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Located in Bennington, VT (4 miles from Shaftsbury)

Bennington Museum is home to the largest collection of Grandma Moses paintings in the world, the great 20th-century folk artist who painted scenes of rural life embodying a sense of an idyllic bygone America. Anna Mary Robertson “Grandma” Moses (1860-1961) started painting in her seventies and within years was one of America’s most famous artists. A selection of her works is always on view.

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Bennington Potters

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Located in Bennington, VT (4 miles from Shaftsbury)

From clay to kiln firing, see first-hand how Bennington Pottery is made.

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Bennington Battle Monument

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Located in Bennington, VT (4 miles from Shaftsbury)

...visitors may ride an elevator to the top of the Bennington Monument for panoramic views of the valleys and rolling hills of Vermont, Massachusetts and New York.

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Woodford State Park

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Located in Woodford, VT (9 miles from Shaftsbury)

At 2400 feet, this 398-acre park has the highest elevation campground of any park in Vermont. Woodford is located on a mountain plateau surrounding Adams Reservoir. The high elevation spruce/fir/birch forest provides an ideal setting for the park. Woodford borders the George Aiken Wilderness Area, which is in the Green Mountain National Forest. There are several lakes and ponds in the surrounding area.

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Mount Equinox Skyline Drive

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Located in Arlington, VT (12 miles from Shaftsbury)

There is no better way to enjoy the splendor of the Green Mountain State and the surrounding areas of New England than from the privately owned summit of Mount Equinox and the Skyline Drive! At 3,848 feet above sea level, the summit offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Green, White, Adirondack, Berkshire and Taconic mountain ranges. Several paved parking areas provide spectacular views, but most outstanding is the Skyline Drive itself as you drive along the crest of the mountain on your way to the summit.

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Molly Stark State Park

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Located in Wilmington, VT (14 miles from Shaftsbury)

Welcome to Molly Stark State Park, named for the famous wife of General John Stark of the Revolutionary War. The park is located along the Molly Stark Trail Scenic Byway (State Route 9), the main east-west route in Southern Vermont that connects Brattleboro, Wilmington and Bennington.

The area that now makes up Molly Stark State Park was cleared for agriculture and sheep farming by settlers in the 19th century. In 1932 a Civilian Conservation Corps crew built a roadside picnic area here on land owned by the Towns of Wilmington and Brattleboro. In 1939, the towns gave the 100 acre property to the State; later in the same year, Olga Haslund, a Wilmington resident, gave 48 acres. The result was the creation of Molly Stark State Park.

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Hiking Nature

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Located in Manchester Center, VT (15 miles from Shaftsbury)

Our mission is to advance the Lincoln legacy through education, commitment to community and active stewardship of the family's home and land.

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