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Sheffield, Massachusetts
Ski Butternut

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Located in Great Barrington, MA (5 miles from Sheffield)

Ski Butternut is easy to get to, and close to most small and large cities across the northeast. It is about 135 miles from both New York City and Boston, making the mountain an easy day trip, overnight or weekend. Enjoy the town of Great Barrington, MA when you're here to get the full Berkshires experience!

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Downhill Skiing
The Bidwell House Museum

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Located in Monterey, MA (11 miles from Sheffield)

The museum, set in the Berkshire hills, is an elegant Georgian saltbox originally built circa 1750 as a parsonage. Authentically restored, filled with antiques and surrounded by beautiful grounds and hiking trails, the museum is open...

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Historic Museum
Salisbury Cannon Museum

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Located in Lakeville, CT (11 miles from Sheffield)

When you visit the Salisbury - Lakeville area of Northwestern Connecticut, don't miss the the Salisbury Cannon Museum and the opportunity to learn about the area's historic role as a principal cannon producer during the American Revolution.

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Museum Historic
Berkshire Botanical Garden

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Located in Stockbridge, MA (12 miles from Sheffield)

Nestled in the scenic Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts, the Berkshire Botanical Garden (BBG) offers visitors a peaceful refuge of natural beauty, stunning display gardens, exciting community events, and informative classes for all ages and levels of skill and knowledge.

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Berkshire Theatre Festival

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Located in Stockbridge, MA (12 miles from Sheffield)

Berkshire Theatre Festival's mission is to sustain, promote, and produce theatre for its community through performance and educational activities.

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Theatre Performing Arts
Chesterwood Estate & Museum

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Located in Stockbridge, MA (12 miles from Sheffield)

Chesterwood is the country home and studio of Daniel Chester French (1850-1931) sculptor of the statue of Abraham Lincoln in the Memorial in Washington, DC, and The Minute Man, Concord, MA.

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Norman Rockwell Museum

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Located in Stockbridge, MA (12 miles from Sheffield)

Norman Rockwell Museum, located in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, holds the world's largest and most significant collection of works by Norman Rockwell, including more than 700 paintings, drawings, and studies and an archive of more than 150,000 photographs, letters, and materials.

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