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Southport, Maine
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Located in West Boothbay Harbor, ME
< 1 mile from Southport
"Located on the water in beautiful West Boothbay Harbor, Maine, the aquarium is operated by the Maine Department of Marine Resources. This educational facility was built in 1993 along with the state's new fisheries research station. The interior floor plan, support systems and exhibits were completed in 1995. The main gallery resembles the rocky coast of Maine. A collection of regional fish and invertebrates can be seen hidden within the granite-like cliffs. Interactive displays, including numerous touch tanks, encourage discovery learning."
(This excerpt taken from Maine State Aquarium website)
Located in Boothbay, ME
1 mile from Southport
"Cap'n Fish's is the originator of Whale Watching in Boothbay Harbor and has been Whale watching longer than anyone in the region. A family held corporation for three generations, Cap'n Fish's Whale Watch is the premier choice for experiencing the whales, sea birds and marine wild life that the Boothbay Region has to offer."
(This excerpt taken from Capn Fishs Cruises website)
Located in Boothbay, ME
2 miles from Southport
"Boothbay Country Club is the perfect Maine golf course-breathtaking vistas, challenging holes, and a seabreeze blowing off the ocean. Located just minutes from downtown Boothbay Harbor, Boothbay Country Club's 18 championship holes are truly a Pure Maine golfing experience."
(This excerpt taken from Boothbay Country Club website)
Located in Boothbay, ME
2 miles from Southport
"You can spend a couple of hours or days, weeks, even years getting to know Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. And just when you think you've got this remarkable place pegged, you discover something new and different, a plant you never noticed before, a trick of the light on a piece of sculpture or on the water, a new flurry of fairy houses."
(This excerpt taken from Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens website)
Located in Boothbay, ME
3 miles from Southport
"The Boothbay Railway Village, located in Boothbay, Maine, is a non-profit organization that operates a narrow gauge coal fired steam train in a re-created historic village composed of locally significant historic structures. Additionally the museum exhibits one of the finest presentations of antique vehicles in New England."
(This excerpt taken from Boothbay Railway Village website)
Located in Georgetown, ME
5 miles from Southport
"Reid State Park bears the distinct honor as being Maine's first State-owned Saltwater Beach. In 1946, prosperous businessman and Georgetown resident Walter E. Reid donated land to the State of Maine to be preserved forever, and a few years later Reid State Park in Maine became a reality. Today, thousands of visitors enjoy Reid State Park's long, wide sand beaches like Mile and Half Mile, which are rare in Maine. Enjoyed as a recreational resource, the beaches are also essential nesting areas for endangered least terns and piping plovers and resting and feeding areas for other shorebirds. Rarer than beaches along Maine's coast are large sand dunes, like those at Reid."
(This excerpt taken from Reid State Park website)
Located in Bristol, ME
7 miles from Southport
"Pemaquid Point, with its dramatic streaks of granite reaching to the sea, squeezed and shaped by massive movements thousands of years ago, would be a fascinating place to visit even without its pretty white lighthouse."
(This excerpt taken from Pemaquid Point Light website)
Located in Bath, ME
8 miles from Southport
"Experience Maine's rich seafaring history on the banks of the Kennebec River at Maine Maritime Museum. From watercraft and lobstering, to shipbuilding and sea trade, you'll hear stories about dangerous voyages to distant lands, see how a shipbuilder's family lived in the 1890s, smell the sawdust from historic ship timbers, and discover the wonders and mysteries of Maine's maritime culture."
(This excerpt taken from Maine Maritime Museum website)
Located in Phippsburg, ME
9 miles from Southport
"Fort Popham is a semi-circular granite fort that was never completed, though construction began in 1862 for use during the Civil War. Modifications were made and the fort was used again in the Spanish American War and in World War 1. Historical records conclude that fortifications, probably wooden, existed here and protected the Kennebec settlements during the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. It was nearby that the English made their first attempt to colonize New England in 1607."
(This excerpt taken from Fort Popham State Historic Site website)
Located in Phippsburg, ME
9 miles from Southport
"Bordering the south side of the mouth of the Kennebec River, Popham Beach State Park is truly one of Maine's rare geologic landforms that features a long stretch of sand beach. Sunbathers relaxing on Popham's sands can see Fox and Wood islands offshore, and the Kennebec and Morse rivers border each end of the beach. Visitors can walk to Fox Island at low tide, but are warned to pay attention to the rising tides not to get marooned."
(This excerpt taken from Popham Beach State Park website)
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