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Topsham, Vermont
Rock of Ages

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Located in Graniteville, VT (13 miles from Topsham)

We invite you and your family to experience Rock of Ages. Our narrated shuttle tours take you to the world's largest deep-hole, dimension granite quarry, a quarry nearly 600 feet deep!

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Grand View Winery

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Located in East Calais, VT (17 miles from Topsham)

Grand View Winery is a family owned farm winery producing exceptional grape wines and wines from fruits that grow easily and naturally in Vermont.

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Vermont State House

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Located in Montpelier, VT (19 miles from Topsham)

This gem of a capitol is as open and accessible as one would expect in a state of small towns and villages. The Senate Chamber has elliptical curves and replicated carpet and drapes from the mid-19th century. Representatives Hall is the largest chamber in the State House—restored to its late-1850s splendor. Two stained glass skylights help to illuminate the Cedar Creek Room—with one that features the state coat of arms. "Lincoln" by Brattleboro-born sculptor Larkin Goldsmith Mead, dominates the main lobby of the State House. "View of Montpelier" by James Franklin Gilman (1885) shows the red roof and dome of the 19th century.

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Historic Tour
Cabot Creamery

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Located in Cabot, VT (19 miles from Topsham)

The highlight of a visit to Cabot is our guided tour. View our award-winning cheese as it's being made. You'll learn a ton about cheesemaking, and Cabot's history - not to mention a bit about Vermont agriculture.

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Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks

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Located in Montpelier, VT (19 miles from Topsham)

Free sugar house tours and tasting, multimedia displays in a real woodshed theater, a nature trail, country store, and an outdoor Vermont farm life museum make up the Morse Farm experience, and sprinkled throughout, are whimsical carved folklife characters created by Burr Morse.

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Family Attraction
Vermont Historical Society Museum

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Located in Montpelier, VT (19 miles from Topsham)

he Vermont Historical Society is the only organization in Vermont that collects artifacts, books, and documents that reflect the entire history of the state, including every geographical area and every chronological period. We preserve the history that makes Vermont a special place to live, work, and visit.

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Sunset Hill Golf Course

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Located in Sugar Hill, NH (22 miles from Topsham)

Sunset Hill Golf Course first opened to the public in 1897 making it the oldest designed 9-hole course in New Hampshire. In 1900, Bowles & Hoskins, proprietors of the Grand Hotel Sunset Hill House, built the oldest extant clubhouse in New Hampshire.

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