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Vinalhaven, Maine
Owls Head Light

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Located in Owls Head, ME (10 miles from Vinalhaven)

Nobody is quite sure how Owl's Head got its name. Some say the picturesque promontory resembles an owl from the water, but it takes great imagination to see anything of the sort. Some say Owl's Head is the English translation of the Indian name for the spot, Medadacut.

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Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse

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Located in Stacyville, ME (13 miles from Vinalhaven)

Many people ask us if the breakwater was built to connect the lighthouse to the land. In fact, the breakwater was built first. In the 1850s several severe nor’easters caused considerable damage to many Rockland waterfront structures, businesses and to ships in the harbor. Lack of a protective breakwater clearly prevented the harbor from realizing its potential as a commercial port and a harbor of refuge for coastal shipping. In spite of citizen petitions and intervention by a local Senator, Congress did not approve constuction of a breakwater until 1880.

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Lighthouse Nature
Owls Head Transportation Museum

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Located in Owls Head, ME (13 miles from Vinalhaven)

The Owls Head Transportation Museum has one of the finest collections of pioneer-era aircraft and automobiles in the world. More than 100 historic aircraft, automobiles, bicycles, carriages and engines are on permanent display.

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Maine Lighthouse Museum

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Located in Rockland, ME (13 miles from Vinalhaven)

The Maine Lighthouse Museum (MLM) is the proud home of the largest collection of Fresnel lighthouse lenses and the most important landmark collection of lighthouse artifacts and Coast Guard memorabilia in the United States.

(This excerpt provided by Maine Lighthouse Museum representatives)

Schooner American Eagle

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Located in Rockland, ME (13 miles from Vinalhaven)

Sail with Captain John Foss and the crew of the Schooner American Eagle for a truly excellent vacation and a great experience. Step back in time and enjoy a leisurely cruise along the coast of Maine. Sail where the wind blows and leave the world behind.

(This excerpt provided by Schooner American Eagle representatives)

Schooner Heritage

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Located in Rockland, ME (13 miles from Vinalhaven)

Sail on the newest Maine windjammer in the fleet, built in 1983 along the traditional lines of the schooners that navigated the waters off the coast of Maine more than a hundred years ago. Attention has been given to the details that will assure you the best windjammer cruise around.

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Schooner Stephen Taber

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Located in Rockland, ME (13 miles from Vinalhaven)

With 135 years under her keel and going strong, this Historic Maine Windjammer is a shining symbol of America's proud sailing heritage. Take your place in the Taber's family and let us show you the thrill, the warm comradeship, and the dramatic beauty of our nation's finest cruising grounds.

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