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Waltham, Massachusetts
Charles River Museum of Industry

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Located in Waltham, MA

Power up your imagination! Get your inventiveness in gear! For an industrial strength museum experience, come visit the Charles River Museum of Industry.

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Gore Place

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Located in Waltham, MA

Gore Place Society's mission is to preserve and promote the 1806 estate of Christopher and Rebecca Gore as a unique educational resource to inspire an appreciation of early 19 th century America.

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Boston Common

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Located in Boston, MA (3 miles from Waltham)

Here the Colonial militia mustered for the Revolution. In 1768, the hated British Redcoats began an eight-year encampment. George Washington, John Adams and General Lafayette came here to celebrate our nation's independence. The 1860s saw Civil War recruitment and anti-slavery meetings. During World War I, victory gardens sprouted. For World War II, the Common gave most of its iron fencing away for scrape metal.

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Historic Park
Old State House

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Located in Boston, MA (4 miles from Waltham)

Built in 1713, the Old State House was a seat of British power and site of the Boston Massacre. It became a point of origin for vital debates about self-government that sparked the Revolution. Today it serves as a museum where all people can come together to connect to our shared history.

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Historic Tour
Lexington Historical Society

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Located in Lexington, MA (4 miles from Waltham)

The Lexington Historical Society preserves and celebrates Lexington's history, with a special emphasis on the town's important role in the beginning of the American Revolution.

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Fresh Pond Golf Course

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Located in Cambridge, MA (4 miles from Waltham)

Fresh Pond is an environmentally pleasing, 9 hole, public golf course that plays throughout a corner of Cambridge's Historic Fresh Pond Reservation just minutes outside of Boston.

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National Heritage Museum

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Located in Lexington, MA (4 miles from Waltham)

We present history by telling stories that are rich in content, use compelling narrative, and are supported by dynamic displays and interactive hands-on activities.

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